With a vast network in the aviation community, Quantum Jets can assist you with the sale of your aircraft, or help you find the perfect aircraft to fulfill your requisites. When making such a significant investment, you need experts with your best interest in mind at your side. We guide you through the entire process and leverage our network to help you buy a private jet that satisfies your specific travel demands while ensuring a seamless private jet acquisition process.


Our purchase process starts with conducting a comprehensive interview to gain a complete understanding of what you need in a private jet. You can expect this exploratory discussion to include:
  • Your typical mission profile
  • Destinations you plan to travel to frequently and types of trips you envision taking
  • How many passengers you’ll fly with and how much luggage you’ll regularly have
  • How frequently you’ll be flying


Once we know that a client’s most important use for a private jet is to attend regular business meetings at a specific location, we can begin to identify business jets that have the right seating capacity, that won’t need to make a fuel stop, and that have the desired amenities. By allowing us to understand why you are buying a private jet, we can offer you the proper aircraft to fit your needs.


Welcome to the most efficient and cost effective aircraft management program available. By enrolling your aircraft into TAG’s Part 135 aircraft charter operation, an aircraft owner is able to significantly lower their overhead on maintenance, as well as operating costs. Having one of the most unique & experienced charter sales programs in the nation, we are able to optimize charter sales around your calendar, never interfering with your schedule. We appreciate the fact that your time is valuable.


As the world works to respond to the evolving situation on COVID-19, the team at Quantum Jets is committed to working with you to help minimize any negative impact on your travel.