Dassault propelled aviation into the twenty-first century with the Falcon 7X – the first business jet with a digital flight control system. The 5,950 nm Falcon 7X has a brand new wing which offers a dramatic increase in lift-to-drag ratio. The aircraft has an MMO of Mach 0.90, allowing quicker climbs and descents, as well as low-level dashes on short legs. The Falcon 7X fleet has accumulated more than 170,000 flight hours, marking a significant milestone for the company’s longest range aircraft. The first 7X was delivered in June 2007 and since that time, more than 180 have entered service in 34 countries.

  • Passengers: 8-18
  • Range: 5,950 nm (+/-12 hrs)
  • Luggage Capacity: 140 cu. Ft.
Popular Destinations
  • Los Angeles – Moscow
  • New York – Buenos Aires
  • London – Hong Kong
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